Smalley is a beginner ensemble for singers aged 7-12* who are enthusiastic about singing and music. This program allows children to find their voice, learn musical concepts through games and fun activities, and experience the joy of singing and performing in a choir. 

To ensure that choristers receive the most age-appropriate music education and can interact with like-minded children, Smalley is divided into two streams:

Music Makers for 7-8 year olds.

Ensemble for 9-12* year olds.

No audition required.

Contact us to find out how to join.

*If your child is older than 12 but you feel that they would benefit from being in this program (for example – they have only recently developed an interest in singing or need to brush up on their skills before auditioning for one of our other choirs), please contact us and we may consider them for a place in Smalley.